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Demolish Syrup For Stone Remover

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About this item

1. Demolish Syrup slowly dissolves the kidney stone by acting on it.

2.  This syrup acts as a potent anti-oxidant & rejuvenator and thus acts as a kidney protective product.

3. It stops infections of the urinary tract by killing bacteria & by stopping their adherence.

4. It is an Ayurvedic formulation that is totally safe & effective.

5Demolish Syrup’s Punarnava, Ikshu mool, Gokhru & seventeen other potent herbs together helps in dissolving & thus removing renal stones naturally.

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More Details

Demolish Syrup helps in dissolving kidney stone formation & its related complications. The Combination of natural herbs helps in the stone remover.

Punarmava root, Ikshu mool root, Gokhru fruits, Palash Flower, Lajaloo root, Makai whole plant
Healthy urinary tract, Perfect kidney detox, Encourage kidney function, Effective renal calculi dissolver.
Adults 5-10ml twice a day with water.

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5 ★  

Recommendable if you are facing that kind of problem. it works well

Darsh kapoor   13 October 2021

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