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Geofit Vanilla Flavoured Protein Powder Enriched with Nutrients, Multivitamins and Multimineral Contains Vitamin E,vitamin C, Vitamin D2, Helps In Muscles and Metabolism, Growth and Maintain Healthy Weight -250g

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About this item

  • Provides optimum nutrition & energy all day.
  • Keeps you active & energetic.
  • Effectively improves metabolism & supports better digestion.
  • Improves bone density & makes muscles strong.
  • Supplements essential & vital daily requirement of nutrients.
  • Boosts immunity & provides protection against infections.
  • Supports in maintaining adequate body weight.

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Geofit Protein Powder Vanilla flavor-Overall muscle health is essential in maintaining an active and lively life in adults. As we age, muscle mass, muscle strength, and its normal functional abilities get affected and lack of proper nutrition easily leads to overall body weakness. Geofit nutrition powder contains essential micro and macronutrients for additional nutritional support. Geofit Protein Powder offers protein, one of the finest and most balanced proteins which is a source of all Nutritions in our body. Protein in our diet provides energy and supports mood and cognitive function. It is a vital nutrient required for building, maintaining, and repairing tissues, cells, and organs throughout the body. It is an ideal mix of protein with vitamins & minerals to boost metabolism & help in better maintenance, repair & growth of our body. Vitamins & minerals from Geofit Protein Powder fulfill their requirements, eliminate deficiencies & act synergistically to impart better maintenance & growth of our body.

Vitamins, Minerals, Sugar, Skimmed milk powder, Isolated soya protein, Maltodextrin, Vitamin B9 (Biotin), Vitamin B6(pyridoxine HCI), Vitamin A(Retinyl Acetate), Vitamin D2(Ergocalciferol)
Helps in Growth of muscle, Improves Metabolism, High Nutritional Value, Helps in providing energy in the body.
Add 2 scoops(approx. 30g) of powder in 200 ml of lukewarm or cold milk. Added sugar, if desired upon reconstitution, Stir well and use promptly.

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5 ★   Wonderful

excellent product

Gowri Kala   16 May 2022

4 ★   Good Product.

Good quality

Jagan Mohan   02 April 2022

4 ★   boost energy

Supports in maintaining adequate body weight.

Tangit Imsong   26 March 2022

4 ★   Excellent💯👍👏

It's very nice product. My kid start getting muscle.

Umesh Kulkarni   09 March 2022

4 ★   Vanilla taste

1-2 scoops ... that much is enough & does show u good results😊

Bharti Sahu   28 January 2022

5 ★   Must try this product 😊

Value for money: you ll get to know this once you use it coz nutritional food 😊so must try this product

Sonal Agarwal   25 January 2022

5 ★   Excellent Product

Provides optimum nutrition & energy all day.

Aniket Verma   21 January 2022

5 ★  

Great deal I got it on on Special discount

Pooja Vr   16 October 2021

5 ★  

its an excellent product. its Recommendable.

Suraj K   06 October 2021

5 ★   Good Pricing

protein powder with a Good Price

Suresh Singh   01 October 2021

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