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Leeford Organic Apple Cider Vinegar - 500ml | Improves Digestion, Immunity, Manage Weight

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About this item

  • Helps in maintaining adequate body weight.
  • Embedded with natural vitamins & enzymes.
  • Rich in anti-bacterial & anti-viral attributes.
  • Made from pure mother vinegar.
  • Powerful juice that boosts immunity & energy levels.
  • Increases feeling of fullness thus lowering calorie intake.
  • Wipes out toxins and keeps your tummy fit.  

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Apple cider vinegar is an age-old food supplement used for overall body wellness. Apple Cider Vinegar is manufactured from natural Himalayan apple juice fermented with a scientifically optimized process. Apple Cider Vinegar is a premium product with additional values that help in maintaining & boosting your health. Apple Cider Vinegar alters the physiology of the body positively at multiple levels to exert its effect and the prominent ones are it alters blood sugar level, helps in reducing weight, has the prebiotic effect to improve gut health and thus overall physiology, has mild blood pressure reducing effect, reduce blood cholesterol & has benefits for skin and hair apart from having other benefits.

Pure Apple Juice Fermented to 5% Acidity
Balances pH levels inside the stomach, Improves metabolism for smooth blood flow, Manages hunger and keeps your tummy fit, Flushes out toxins from the body & keeps you energetic.
Mix one teaspoon of Apple Cider Vinegar in half a glass of water and consume an empty stomach in the morning or use it for salad dressing. Non-diabetic can also add one teaspoon of honey for best results. Maintain a gap of at least 30 minutes before the next meal.

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Customer Reviews

5 ★   Super product

I like ur products bcz it is natural products and good products sooo i love it

Shivam V   18 May 2022

4 ★   makes your tummy healthy

Wipes out toxins and keeps your tummy fit.

Prashant Tiwari   28 March 2022

4 ★   This is the best product

Apple Cider Vinegar is manufactured from natural Himalayan apple juice fermented with a scientifically optimized process.

Muskan Sharma   25 March 2022

4 ★   Amazing essence👏🏻

It is really great product go for it

Rekha Kushwaha   12 March 2022

4 ★   Absolutely natural

Good Product for Weight loss

Sweta Ghosh   28 January 2022

4 ★   Better results...

Great for improving digestion

Sneha A   27 January 2022

5 ★   Loved the product

Helps in maintaining adequate body weight.

Amitha Shet   13 January 2022

5 ★   Great for improving digestion

Really good product. It is as same as mentioned in the description and the quantity is also enough .

Anjitha Ajay   23 December 2021

5 ★  

its an excellent product available in Good Price. its Recommendable.

Dheeraj Shukla   16 October 2021

5 ★  

Best for weight loss. Go for it

Geetika Sharma   16 October 2021

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