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Leeford Giloy Tablets for Immunity Booster

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1.  Giloy Tablets are health rejuvenator that boost the entire physiology for optimum body functioning.  

2.  It has a powerful antioxidant effects & provides anti-ageing effect too.

3.   It reduces stress & improves sexual well being & helps eliminating its problems.

4.  It is made by organically grown Giloy to provide best effect.

5. It also treats viral fever, cough, cold & other flu symptoms.

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Giloy is one of the highest documented medicinal plants in Ayurveda & has numerous studies in modern medicines that has evaluated & confirmed its efficacy. Leeford Giloy Tablets has anti-inflammatory, immuno-modulatory, anti-oxidant, hepatoprotective, cardio-vascular protective & anti-infective properties that increase its value drastically. Thus Leeford Giloy Tablets are highly useful multi dimensional product that has an immunity booster effect in today's COVID time. Leeford Giloy Tablets are highly beneficial in treating resistant fever and various kinds of viral fevers too.

Giloy extract.
Boost immunity, Detoxifies body, reduces Anxiety & stress
1-2 tablets twice a day.

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5 ★  

Best Product Ever.Go for it without any doubt.Thanks Leefordonline

Aahana S   16 October 2021

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