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Meglow Aloe Vera Body Lotion 100ml

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About this item

  • Hydrates skin effectively making it soft, supple and smooth.
  • Improves skin elasticity, lowers appearance of wrinkles & delays signs of ageing.
  • Provides deep nourishment and protection to skin.
  • Prevents hyper pigmentation from sun making skin tone even.
  • Prevents over dryness of skin in extreme winters.
  • Aloe Vera & amino acids soothes & nourishes skin and makes it smoother, softer & younger.
  • Natural ingredients like Aloe Vera and Cocoa Butter gives optimum moisturization that hydrates the skin all day long .

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about Meglow Aloe Vera Body Lotion

Skin is the largest organ of the body and our first line of defense, thus it requires similar kind of care & potion so as to keep us healthy. Meglow Aloe Vera Moisturizing lotion is a deep nourishing and protecting lotion that offers all round protection to skin. Meglow Aloe Vera Moisturizing lotion is a light, non sticky intense hydration formulation enriched with Aloe Vera, Olive oil, Cocoa butter, Vitamins & Amino acids rejuvenates skin to provide nourished & moisturized appearance. The exceptional properties of Aloe Vera & amino acids soothes skin, conditions, nourishes to make skin feel smoother, softer & younger.

Purified water, Olive oil, Cocoa butter, Coconut oil, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera dry extract.
Moisturize skin, Soft & Supple skin, Hydrate.
Apply the optimum amount of lotion on the skin by gently rubbing the lotion all over the body after bathing. Use Meglow regularly for best result.

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Customer Reviews

5 ★   value for money 👍

Very good lotion.

Chandhana V   06 December 2022

5 ★   very good and nice smell☺️👍

After using it my skin becomes very soft

Sandep Chauhan   19 November 2022

5 ★   Very nice product

it is so good

Animesh Sinha   11 November 2022

5 ★   Fabulous!

Nice and original product👍🏻

Lisha Thakur   05 November 2022

5 ★   Terrific purchase

very nice body lotion. Good For Dry skin people.

Shailendra Sao   21 October 2022

4 ★   Nice product

Good product packaging is ALso good.

Rahul Mukherjee   19 October 2022

5 ★   Wonderful

It really is good for people with sensitive skin esp dry skin.

preeti kumari   13 October 2022

5 ★   Great product

Very very good for the dry skin

AMIT RAWAT   13 October 2022

4 ★   Classy product

Good and fast delivery

Sujata Das   02 April 2022

4 ★   Thank you Leefordonline!!!!

It makes skin very very soft and for all seasons Specially winters.

kamal maurya   26 January 2022

5 ★   Hydration property

Absolutely hydrating, for winter.its does the job of intensive care what the bottle shows.

Riya S.   10 January 2022

5 ★   Must try!

The purpose of using this product is that its smell doesn't irritate me like other body lotions.

Farooqui Humaira   31 December 2021

5 ★   So smooth on skin?

Prevents over dryness of skin in extreme winters.

Begum Tahseen   28 December 2021

5 ★   Perfect for all skin types.

This is a perfect lotion for all skin types.

Anmol Preet   24 December 2021

5 ★   Must buy

It moisturizes the skin all over the day.

Vishal Gaur   23 December 2021

5 ★   Very Good Product

This is very good product. Smells nice and is a good moisturiser.

Sukh Preet   07 December 2021

5 ★  

Meglow body lotion is what I needed recently! It is so soft for my skin and perfect for winters.

Ashu Sharma   15 November 2021

5 ★  

It really works well. Origional Product

Tafseer Ahmed   16 October 2021

5 ★  

This is the best Body Lotion of my lifetime. Not gonna buy any other Body Lotion after using this.

khusboo Aggarwal   12 October 2021

5 ★  

Very smooth and and easy to apply

Javed Khan   08 October 2021

4 ★  

I have been using this for the past 6 months and results are just great.

Reena Bharathi   06 October 2021

5 ★  

Good Product ?

Vinita Singh   02 October 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.  Does this help heal cracked & dry skin?

  Answer- Yes, Meglow Aloe vera Lotion moisturizes, protects, and repairs skin from winter onslaught.


Q2.  Is it safe for children below nine years of age?

  Answer- Yes, Meglow Aloe vera Lotion is safe for children above the age of 5.


Q3.  Is Meglow Lotion an ayurvedic product?

  Answer- No, Meglow Aloe vera Lotion is not an Ayurvedic product, but it contains herbal activity.


Q4.  Is this suitable for both men & women?

  Answer- Meglow Aloe vera Lotion can be used by males & females.


Q5.  Is it as effective for people with oily skin?

  Answer- Meglow Aloe vera Lotion doesn't turn skin oily; instead, it is a highly absorbable lotion that repairs skin for shine.


Q6.  Best weather for its everyday use?

  Answer- Meglow Aloe vera Lotion is an all-weather lotion and can be used in any season and time of the year.



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