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RockOn Hard Hold Styling Gel for Hair Styling

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About this item

  • Styles hair & maintains its firmness throughout the day.
  • Chemical free formula, safe for everyday use.
  • Gives sensuous styling & stunning looks.
  • Zero residue, easy to clean.
  • Ideal for short & medium length hair.

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RockOn Hair Gel (Hard Hold) is a smooth textured gel, that provides your hair a fresh looks with the power of strong hold that continue styling day long. Rockon Hair Gel (Hard Hold) is reinforced with special ingredients for powerful holding technology that allows you to create the desired hair style that holds all day long. It is a hard hold gel for a stronger gravity defying hold throughout the day. Rockon Hair Gel (Hard Hold) is specially formulated for daily grooming; our high-performance gel delivers a clean look and feel with extra strong hold and natural shine, all day with incredible healthy-looking shine to hair.

purified water, Hydroxyethyl Urea, Hydroxyethyl Cellulose, Color sunset yellow,Perfume
Strong hold hair, Moisturize hair, Shinning & styling.
Apply optimum amount of gel to the preferred area & the spread it evenly with the help of your fingers and set you own style.

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Customer Reviews

4 ★   nice super I'm so happy delivery to fast

Very sexy bottle and gel is nice had good fragrance it hold for long time it is good product.Good product and its best choice to hair style gel i like it anf fast delivery to

Sagar Mandal   19 April 2022

4 ★   Great product


Raja Bhardwaj   05 April 2022

5 ★   Go for it.

Awesome purchase from Leefordonline.

Wilkinson D'souza   25 January 2022

4 ★   Worty buy..

Trust me this product is very effective in it's purpose.

Ajay Macwan   21 January 2022

4 ★  

Hi guys, I am sharing my experience about this product. I am using since six month it's a very good product. I like it very much and value for money. I can recommend.

raj parsi   19 November 2021

5 ★  

I use this product for more than 3 Months. I can tell its an excellent product. its Recommendable.

Ameer Akthar Khan   18 October 2021


1.   Does regular use induce hair fall?

Answer- No, regular use of Rock On Hair Gel in specified conditions doesn't induce hair fall.

2.   Can one use the gel regularly for styling?

Answer-Yes, Rock On Hair Gel can be used regularly for styling.

3.   Should this be applied to wet hair or towel-dried hair?

Answer- Rock On Hair Gel works well on both types of hair, but if you want a wet look, then apply damp hair & if you want a more spiking style, then use it on dry hair. Rock On Hair Gel should always be applied to clean hair for best results and safe usage.

4.   Does its effect last all day long?

Answer- Yes, Rock On Hair Gel's effect lasts day long, i.e., approximately 8 hours.

5.   Can children below 15 years use this product?

Answer- Yes, children above 12 years can safely use it.

6.   Is combing possible after applying hair Gel?

Answer- Yes, it's possible immediately after applying Rock On Hair Gel Hard Hold.


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