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Alite Hand Wash for Germ Protection

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About this item

  • Kills 99.9% germs & prevents various infections and illness.
  • Ensures complete hygiene and makes hands soft & moisturized.
  • Embedded with performance cleansers that is tough on grease but soft on hands.
  • Infused with anti-bacterial properties.
  • Lemon extract that assists in moisture retention & long lasting fragrance. 

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More Details

Using Alite Hand Wash every day will not only provides your skin with delicate care and fresh fragrance but also kills 99.9% of germs on your hands. Containing Tulsi, Neem, Strawberry & Rose extracts its unique gentle formulation and lathering power leaves your family's hands feeling soft, moisturized and cleansed of germs. Alite Hand Wash helps in preventing the spread of germs, keeping you and your loved ones safe and infection-free.

Purified Water, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Glycerin, Decyl Glucoside, Citrus Limon(Lemon) Peel Extract, Neem Extract, Rose Extract, Colour Ponceau4R, Colour Erythrosine, Strawberry Extract.
Keeps hand soft, moisturized, hydrated, and clean, Kill germs & prevents diseases, Keeps family safe.
Press the nozzle gently to get an adequate amount of handwash onto your wet hands. Rub hands together for at least 30 seconds ensuring total coverage with lather, not forgetting nails and thumbs, rinse thoroughly for clean and germ-free hands.

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Customer Reviews

5 ★   Worth every penny

Good Quality 🤠

Bhridaj Dodiyar   12 May 2022

4 ★   The liquid handwashes are easy to use.

best brand in hand wash. Awesome product. After use feel very good and and skin also soft.... And smell is awesome.

Ishu agrawal   07 May 2022

4 ★   satisfied ❤

😊 very good product... fully germ protection... Lovely. ...satisfied ❤

Pooja Ray   30 April 2022

4 ★   Delivery was fast.

Superb Packaging, on-time delivery and amazing product.

Kailash Choudhary   27 April 2022

4 ★   100% value for money

Good quality 🤠 & good delivery on time

mathewp ravi   20 April 2022

4 ★   Must buy!

Lemon extract that assists in moisture retention & long lasting fragrance.

Kuldeep Sharma   24 March 2022

4 ★   Mind-blowing purchase

Wonderful product

Tahzeeb Dawakhana   03 March 2022

5 ★   Very Good Experience


Vishal Suthar   22 January 2022

5 ★   Good Product

Ensures complete hygiene and makes hands soft & moisturized.

G K Rao   12 January 2022

5 ★   Best handwash liquid!

Smells great, Gets rid of tough smell 5. Fights germs

Noor Khan   06 January 2022

5 ★   Amazing Sanitizer

Thank you Leefordonline, for a very nice packaging,a much much early delivery... And thank you for this necessary useful and most effective product🙏🙏

Preety Nautiyal   17 December 2021

4 ★  

Well it's a good product, you can buy this product

Guddu Saroj   18 October 2021

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