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Leeford Belladonna Plaster For Pain Relief

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About this item

1.      Belladonna Plaster is made by latest technology is not perforated or with thick cloth or black in colour. 

2.    It is ultrathin & made with non woven cloth and the adhesive mix is also transparent.

3.     This plaster contains skin friendly adhesive and is totally safe to use in elderly. 

4.   It is helpful in back ache, low back pain, stiff neck and aching shoulders.  

5.   Helps in give relief for hours right where it hurt. 

6.   Apply on clean,dry and hairless skin.Place the plaster on aching spot and press it to stick well.

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Leeford Belladonna Plaster contains 0.25% of Belladonna alkaloid & consists of non woven cloth, evenly coated with adhesive mass containing Belladonna. Leeford Belladonna Plaster is made by ultramodern technique and thus is highly thin & non-perforated & the adhesive surface is protected with printed plain silicon paper. Leeford Belladonna Plaster is specially designed to relieve pain & spasm such as muscular tension and strain, stiff neck and aching shoulders, sciatica, lumbago, rheumatism, backache etc. Leeford Belladonna Plaster is also used for boils, furuncles & carbuncles etc as from ancient times.

Belladonna extract.
Highly effective & safe, Treats all pain, Useful in skin conditions, Non irritant & Non messy, Doesn’t stain cloth or skin, Totally safe for skin, Safe for elderly, Herbal Product
Ensure that affected area is clean and dry; Leeford Belladonna Plaster can be cut to size if required. Remove the backing paper from the plaster and apply to affected area. The plaster should be removed after 1-3 days. Ensure the plaster is dry when removing and apply another plaster if needed.

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5 ★  

It really works well. Origional Product

Vitla Sirisha   18 October 2021

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