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Meglow Petroleum Jelly for Dull, Cracked and Dry Skin 100g

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About this item

  • Effectively heals dry & chapped skin.
  • Acts as a perfect moisturizer in harsh winter conditions.
  • Makes skin soft, smooth & vibrant.
  • Adequately moisturizes skin with day long hydration.
  • Protects and repairs dry & chapped lips.
  • Helps delay signs of ageing.
  • Effectively protects skin from sun damage.

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More Details

Meglow Petroleum Jelly is suitable for all skin types & leave skin extraordinarily soft and smooth by forming a barrier at the skin's surface & preventing water loss. Meglow Petroleum Jelly is especially beneficial for dry, ageing and delicate skin & protects skin from the effects of weather and sun exposure. The healing & nourishing properties of Meglow Petroleum Jelly provides a soothing effect to the skin & thus is helpful to relieve dry skin, help heal injured skin, prevent chafing (chafing is a painful skin irritation that occurs when body parts rub together or rub against clothing such as heel or thigh), treats diaper rash & treats dry nails too.

White Petroleum Jelly & Perfume
Repairs skin & provides hydration, thus makes skin soft & supple,Improves skin effectively in winters so as to provide elasticity
Apply the optimum amount of Meglow Petroleum Jelly on the skin by gently rubbing all over the face & other body skin & nails regularly for best result.

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Customer Reviews

5 ★   It's my all time favourite

Using more than two years ...very nice

Uma Poddar   14 May 2022

4 ★   Really Nice

good product very useful and effective

Ajay Kumar   06 April 2022

4 ★   Relives dry skin

Meglow Petroleum Jelly is suitable for all skin types

Amit Pandey   26 March 2022

4 ★   Xellent Product 👌

The jelly works quickly to soothe dry skin, locking in moisture to keep your skin looking healthy and feeling better over time.

Tejas Modi   26 January 2022

5 ★   Amazing results !!

Acts as a perfect moisturizer in winter .

Ruhi K.   11 January 2022

5 ★   Perfect moisturizer

Acts as a Perfect moisturizer in harsh winter conditions. Makes skin soft, smooth & vibrant.

Vivetta Khandelwal   10 January 2022

5 ★   Winter skin Goodbye ....


Megha Choudhary   31 December 2021

5 ★   Recommend

Instead of normal lip balm ,i use Meglow Petroleum Jelly and it is more hydrating and gives moisture for a longer time.

Verma Ashish   28 December 2021

5 ★   Nourishing moisturiser!!!

l I feel much better in terms of moisturising and presentation of the product, very nice product.

Jyothi Gupta   23 December 2021

5 ★   Amazing

Very useful for dry skin.

Sunaina Thakur   07 December 2021

5 ★   All Rounder.

Very good product very effective.

Arti Singh   26 November 2021

5 ★  

Arrived as promised (on time) and works as expected.

Ishwar Kumar   15 November 2021

5 ★  

Our Neighbors Recommend this products.

Aadil ahmad Aadil   18 October 2021

4 ★  

It's fully natural ,

Noore Sabah   12 October 2021

5 ★  

Quality as expected. Original product.

Mohit Sharma   11 October 2021

5 ★  

Good Pricing

Kaushiki Patel   08 October 2021

3 ★  

One of my friend recommended me this product.

Soni Sharma   06 October 2021

5 ★  

Best Price

Vinita Singh   02 October 2021

4 ★  

Best for Dry Feet

Aliya Basu   02 October 2021

5 ★  

Good Product

Mohan Chandra   02 October 2021


1.   Is it used only for extreme dryness?

Answer- No, Meglow Petroleum Jelly can be used as regular moisturizers & protectors in winter.

2.   Is it applicable effectively to other body parts as well?

Answer- Yes, Meglow Petroleum Jelly can be applied on entire body skin.

3.   Does it contain any fragrance?

Answer- Yes, Meglow Petroleum Jelly is mildly fragrant to give you a pleasant sensation on application.

4.   Will it help in healing cracked & dry heels?

Answer- Yes, Meglow Petroleum Jelly will help heal the heel's cracked & dry skin if it is not infected and chaffed because of lack of moisture and dryness.

5.   Is this useful in skin brightening?

Answer- Yes, Meglow Petroleum Jelly will moisturize & nourish the skin to brighten it.

6.   Is this useful only in winters?

Answer- Meglow Petroleum Jelly is mainly useful in winters, but it can be used in any season if required.

7.   Can children below six years use this product?

Answer- Yes, Meglow Petroleum Jelly can be used in children below six years but under parental guidance only.


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