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Megagrow BCAA Orange Flavor Powder

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  • The most versatile and complete BCAA formula for best results With added Taurine, Glutamine and Vitamins. Gives you the best results for building muscles, strength, power, stamina and recovery.
  • BCAA is instant 5.7g BCAA with Added Muscle Activation Boosters. BCAA helps with muscle strength, recovery and endurance. It helps to reduce muscle loss.
  • Crafted using extensive research and cutting-edge formulation, MegaGrow BCAA Powder is easy to digest and helps you to attain your bodybuilding & fitness goals. MegaGrow BCAA is the choice of elite athletes. It is apt for those who go to the gym often and fitness enthusiasts who lead an active life.
  • BCAA Post Workout Supplement Powder promotes Muscle development and maintenance while supporting Lean Muscle Mass and reducing Muscle Breakdown. Our BCAA powder boosts endurance levels for improved overall athletic performance.
  • Available in Orange Flavour with servings of 9g each.

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Branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) are a group of 3 amino acids i.e. Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine commonly taken in order to boost muscle growth and enhance exercise performance, helps in weight loss and reduce fatigue after exercise. Megagrow BCAAs help promote muscle protein synthesis, induces faster muscle growth, prevent muscle wasting & faster muscle recovery after exercise. Megagrow BCAAs is also fortified with Taurine & Vitamin C for provides instant energy boosting for better results during work out.

L-leucine, L-isoleucine, L-valine, L-Alanine, Taurine, Natural Identical Orange Flavor
formulated for growth & development of muscles, provides instant energy as well as maintains the supply of energy in long run, provides 44 serving per box and each serving provides more than 6 g of BCAA in delicious orange flavour, reduces muscle soreness & fatigue for optimum results during work out, reduces blood sugar levels, weight & complications of liver problems.
Mix 1 scoop (9 g, one serving) with 200 to 500 ml of water or skimmed milk & shake well, dissolve and drink during exercise or otherwise as and when required.

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5 ★  

My Friend Recommended this Product last month. Using Since last 1 month. its a good product. better than other protein powder. its natural. not like other Dabba powder

Vijay Meshram   18 October 2021

5 ★  

amazing flavour for workout purpose

Venkat Shwami   07 October 2021

5 ★  

Just go for it. Thank you Leefordonline

VIkram Yadav   06 October 2021

5 ★  

Hi guys, I am sharing my experience about this product. I am using since six month it's a very good product. I like it very much and value for money. I can recommend.

Ramesh Goyal   05 October 2021

4 ★  

I am using since six month it's a very good product. I like it very much and value for money. I can recommend.

Rahul Singh   04 October 2021

5 ★   purchased in sale with a 47% Discount

Very Affordable Pricing. purchased in sale with a 47% Discount ✌✌✌😎😎😎

Ankit Chaudhary   01 October 2021

5 ★   Good Supplement Powder

Best BCAA Protein Powder. Good in taste **Orange**

Sanjay Rana   01 October 2021

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