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Babit Soft Baby Wipes 80 Wipes - Pack of 3

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About this item

  • Protects newborn baby's delicate skin from redness & rashes.
  • Optimally hydrates tender skin, doesn't over dry's sensitive areas.
  • Moisturizer enriched anti-bacterial wipes.
  • Useful after meal, playtime, and diaper change.
  • Makes skin soft & protected from germs.
  • Sponge-like fibers with moisturizers that are soft on the skin.
  • The flip-top pack keeps wipes lock moisture for a longer period.

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Baby’s sensitive skin needs more care at the time of cleaning during a diaper change, Babit Baby Wipes contain a pleasant fragrance that gives your baby a sense of calmness, freshness, and cleanliness. These wipes help in keeping your baby’s skin smooth and soft with its super soft cotton material touch. Formulated with goodness of skin-friendly ingredients that help in preventing itching & inflammation. Babit Baby wipes are helpful to cure nappy rashes and leave a protective layer of its lotion on the sensitive skin of your baby.

Purified water, Phenoxyethanol, Glycerine, PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil, Aloe vera extract, Disodiumcocoamphodiacetate, Sodium benzoate, Fragrance, Argon Oil, Lactic acid.
Protects newborn baby's delicate skin from redness & rashes, are free from alcohol & other harmful chemicals, Makes skin Smooth and Soft, Skin-friendly ingredients, Helps in preventing itching & inflammation.
Pull back the lid and remove the desired quantity of wipes. Always close the lid tightly after usage to avoid drying out. Keep away from direct sunlight.

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Customer Reviews

4 ★   Worth every penny

Moisturizer enriched anti-bacterial wipes. Useful after meal, playtime, and diaper change.

Rohit Kumar Singh   14 April 2022

4 ★   Great product

Very nice and a good quality product and also low price compared to market

Anshu Raj   08 April 2022

4 ★   Fabulous!

Protects newborn baby's delicate skin from redness & rashes.

gautam Kumar   29 March 2022

5 ★   Simply awesome

This is a good product. Smell is very good, very refreshing . Whips is not so small , it is enough wide and longer for one time use. The quality of its moisturizer is good, and makes the skin soft.

Akash Mukherjee   19 March 2022

4 ★   Best product for my baby girl

I just loved this product ... It is really very safe... I am using it Since 2months I the results are too good..

Swaraj somashekar   07 March 2022

4 ★   Perfect product!

Good product I am happy with this product

Bhavesh Visaveliya   19 February 2022

4 ★   Value of money.

Theses wipes are pretty good, Comfortable to the baby and value of money.

Manpreet Singh   15 February 2022

5 ★   Best price !

I am a regular customer of BABIT baby wipes. It's easy to clean and soft and my baby is comfortable with its use and does not have any allergy or irritation due to its use.

Ram Reddy   19 January 2022

5 ★  

very good.. This Product is value for money.

Ammu K   22 October 2021

5 ★  

Good Baby Wipes for babies

Priyanka Singh   12 October 2021


1.   Is there any other pack size available?

Answer- Babit Baby Wipes are available in two packagings, i.e., 25 pieces & 85 pieces with Lid pack.

2.   Does it have any fragrance?

Answer- Yes, Babit Baby Wipes are mildly fragrant for added sensorial feel. 

3.   Is its use recommended for a newborn baby?

Answer- Yes, Babit Baby Wipes can be used for newly born babies.

4.   Does it over dry's skin?

Answer- No, Babit Baby Wipes contain moisturizing serum that nourishes & moisturizes and protects the baby's delicate skin.

5.   Does it get quickly dried out if the lid remains open?

Answer- Ideally, the lid should permanently be closed, but we have compensated the wipes with the extra serum to prevent accidental errors.

6.   Is the size of these wipes standard or smaller?

Answer- Babit Baby Wipes are larger, and their dimension is 20 cm x 15 cm.

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