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Femivin Lubricant Gel For Women | Combo Pack of 4 (30g Each)

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About this item

1.  It helps in nourishing, moisturizing & lubricating inner wall of the vagina for better health.

2.  This lubrication Gel has Shatavari that thickens & sensitizes the vagina.

3. It helps to reduce dryness, itchiness & maintain its pH of vagina to helps regain youthfulness, elasticity & its natural   tone.

4.  Femivin Lubrication Gel contains Aloevera & Shatavari for complete vaginal rejuvenation.

5.  Its an ayurvedic product and safe and effective.

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Vaginal lubrication reduces with age, infections, diseases & menopause that simultaneously reduces the pleasure of intimate act & may lead to pain during intercourse. Femivin Lubrication Gel contains Aloevera that nourishes the vaginal skin to moisturize, reduce dryness, reduce vaginal itchiness & improves lubrication. Shatavari in Femivin Lubrication Gel provides local estrogen to rejuvenate its tissue and increases its thickness and natural lubrication. Femivin Lubrication Gel is an intimate vaginal anti-aging formula which helps vagina to regain elasticity, its natural tone & lubrication.

Ghritkumari Lf.Pulp Powder, Shatavari Rz. Extract.
Lubricates vagina, Tones vaginal canal, Increases elasticity, Maintains vaginal health, Helps enjoy your relation
Use applicator full of Femivin Lubrication Gel to lubricate the vaginal by inserting the applicator & then emptying it into vaginal canal 15 to 30 minutes before sexual activity. To rejuvenate the vagina, use regularly one applicator full before retiring to bed continuously till you want to maintain your physical relationship.

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