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Leeford Green Tea | Arabian Nights | Aromatic Rose | Combo Pack of 2 (25 bags Each)

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About this item

  • This tea is made of Green Tea, Jasmine Flower and rose which helps in reducing muscle fatigue. experience a refreshing aura with a perfect blend of fresh fragrance and sweet taste.
  • The combination of jasmine and rose is a unique combination. Its helpful in weight loss, anti-ageing, stress relieve, reduces risk of heart attacks, stronger immune system and lowers cholesterol. It also helps in Increasing your Immunity and promoting clear glowing skin.
  • Rose is a safe solution to skincare and we know that rose is very beneficial skin health. Its a natural way to keep your skin hydrated. The amazing combination of Rose petals and green tea produces a pleasant rose flavor with a brisk green tea note.
  • Rose tea is a very rich source of the vitamin and that vitamin C tea can help stave off the signs of aging like wrinkles and sagging. Rose tea also supports the body’s immune system while promoting essential collagen production and we know that collagen is the protein most responsible for the health of your skin and your hair.
  • These natural ingredients are very useful for relaxation of mind and body and keeps us calm and healthy. An aromatic blend of fresh roses and jasmine, coupled with a tender green tea makes you refresh and healthy with natural ingredients, which improve our immunity and also keep you refresh and young.
  • Green tea gives us multiple healthy benefits and also helps to keep us relax and calm. Green tea may stimulate activity in certain areas of the brain and influence the transmission of impulses between brain cells in ways that boost mood and produce a calming effect.

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Leeford Green Tea Arabian Night-Leeford Arabian Nights Green Tea is an exquisite blend of perfectly rolled premium green tea with a mesmeric aroma of jasmine and rose. This meticulous perfection will fuel your mind and bloom your senses. An undertone of fresh greens augmented with two divas, all taking the centre stage. Love of rose and shyness of floral jasmine blossom with the unique taste of Kangra green tea giving it a character of a newly found, eternal companion. It is aroma stopovers long after you have taken the last sip. Leeford Green Tea Aromatic Rose-A Team of veteran tea tasters passionate about every little detail of tea processing, right from our lush green Kangra tea gardens to your cups of joy bring to you a sophisticated blend of garden fresh signature green tea. The silky rich,non-astringent, exotic and healing blend of tightly rolled premium green tea infused with rose petals extracts make for an extremely classy and aromatic cup of delight with a myriad of health benefits. this signature blend produces an earthy aroma of rose with fresh green tea.

Green Tea, Natural Jasmine Flavor, Natural Rose Flavor, Rose petals Flavor(Natural), Rose
Boost metabolism, Increases focus, Boosts energy, Prevents disease, Detoxifies the body, Anti-oxidant, Lower cholesterol.
Place tea bag in a cup, pour boiling water, brew for 2 minutes.

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