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Leeford Ashwagandha Ayurvedic Oral Drops (30ml) | Curcuflam Ayurvedic Tablets (10Tabs) | Combo Pack of 2

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About this item

  • Enriched With Haldi/ Turmeric Extracts.
  • Helps in immunity booster.
  • Its an anti-oxidant and also helps in supports and maintains healthy joints.
  • Natural ingredients for healthy benefits.
  • Helps in relieving Stress and also helps in stamina and energy.

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Leeford Ashwagandha Drops is a complete rejuvenator that tones mind & body to exert its multiple actions that embody the very essence of a preventative and curative approach to health. Leeford Ashwagandha Drops reduces stress & anxiety, improves memory and cognition, improves cardiorespiratory endurance, increases strength and stamina, boost sexual wellness, improves & regulates immunity, increases longevity & reduces inflammation to exert its effect. Leeford Ashwagandha Drops is a modern marvel as it is old wine in a new bottle i.e., drops formulation. Curcuflam tablets contain Curcumin derived from Turmeric i.e., Curcuma longa popularly called ‘Haldi’. Curcumin is a group of chemicals in turmeric that has the majority of the medicinal value ‘Haldi’ is known for. Multiple benefits of Curcuflam on immune responses to fight viral infections are provides antioxidant effect, is a powerful anti-inflammatory, reduces immune chemical flare in viral infections, combats secondary bacterial, fungal & Viral infection as well as boosts the functionality of immune molecules.

Ashwagandha Ext. Root Excipients, Haldi Rhizome Ext, Marica Fruit Ext.
Build immunity, Improves stamina, Improves energy, Antioxidant, Healthy benefits.
CURCUFLAM - 1-2 tablets twice daily. ASHWAGANDHA DROP - 2-3 drops , 2-3 times daily.

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