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Leeford Immunity Booster Combo - Ashwagandha 60 Tab and Giloy Tablet 30 Tab - Pack of 3

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About this item

  • ASHWAGANDHA TABLETS: Helps in regulating blood glucose & blood pressure levels.
  • Strengthens immunity & builds energy and endurance.
  • Relieves stress & anxiety levels and keeps mind fresh.
  • Highly beneficial for fitness enthusiasts & gym-freaks.
  • Enhances strength, stamina & vitality.
  • Lowers risk of certain infections & diseases.
  • Keeps body healthy & rejuvenated.
  • GILOY TABLETS: Boosts immunity & prevents and protects body from various infections.
  • Reduces & relieves stress & anxiety.
  • Natural blood purifier that flushes out toxins from body.
  • Relieves inflammation with its anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Helps manage blood glucose levels.
  • Anti-oxidant enriched tablets helps fight free radicals.
  • Reduces & prevents visible signs of ageing with its anti-ageing attributes.

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LEEFORD ASHWAGANDHA TABLET is a complete revitalizer that tones mind & body to exert its multiple actions that embody the very essence of a preventative and curative approach to health. Leeford Ashwagandha Tablets reduces stress & anxiety, improves memory and cognition, improves cardiorespiratory endurance, increases strength and stamina, boost sexual wellness, improves & regulates immunity, increases longevity & reduces inflammation to exert its effect. Leeford Ashwagandha Tablets contains standardized extract for being a consistent performer throughout. GILOY TABLET - Giloy is one of the highest documented medicinal plants in Ayurveda & has numerous studies in modern medicines that have evaluated & confirmed its efficacy. Leeford Giloy Tablets has anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory, anti-oxidant, hepatoprotective, cardiovascular protective & anti-infective properties that increase their value drastically. Thus, Leeford Giloy Tablets are a highly useful multi-dimensional product that has an immunity booster effect in today’s COVID time. Leeford Giloy Tablets are highly beneficial in treating resistant fever and various kinds of viral fevers too.

Ashwagandha Ext. Root Excipients, Giloy extract.
ASHWAGANDHA TABLET: Reduces stress & anxiety, Improves cognition & memory, Regulates weight, Reduces BP & Diabetes, Improves strength & stamina, Boost’s immunity, Provides sexual wellness, Increases life expectancy. GILOY TABLET - Boost immunity, Treats viral fever, Nature’s Nectar, Improves overall physiology, Reduces stress & anxiety, Detoxifies the body, Rejuvenates liver, Reduces Cholesterol, Cardiac tonic
How to Use Leeford Ashwagandha Tablets: Take one tablet of Leeford Ashwagandha twice daily after meal for general well being & stress-free life. Two tablets should be taken twice daily by Leeford Ashwagandha for having a therapeutic effect in various diseases. It can also be taken one tablet in the morning, one in the afternoon & two at night for better effect and efficacy. It should not be used by individuals 12 years of age or above. How to Use Leeford Giloy Tablets: Take one tablet twice daily with water after meal for 3 to 6 months. In children younger than 12 years &older than 6 years half a tablet twice daily should be used. Ideally, it should be consumed after consultation with an Ayurvedic physician.

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4 ★   Amazing

Boosts immunity & prevents and protects body from various infections. Reduces & relieves stress & anxiety.

Sourabh Gupta   13 April 2022

4 ★   Super!

Leeford Giloy Tablets are highly beneficial in treating resistant fever and various kinds of viral fevers too.

Ritu Kumari   30 March 2022

4 ★   Satisfied with quality and results also.

So they are very useful if you have deficit of some vitamins. Go for it happy with the product.

Malik Shroff   08 March 2022

4 ★   Amazing product

like it works,,I recommend to all

Monirajuman Mondal   22 February 2022

5 ★  

Best Immunity booster Tablets

shiv prakash   01 November 2021

5 ★  

As according to my experience its a Good product

Ankit Chaudhary   02 October 2021

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