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Leeford Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray | Combo Pack of 3 (57ml Each)

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About this item

1. It maintains your hygiene & provides infection control. 

2. It is not only for toilets but also has multipurpose usage. 

3.  Instant action in 10 seconds fast action.   

4.  It has a sleek pack you will love to carry & is easy to use. 

5. Leeford Toilet Seat Sanitizer is a non messy solution.

6. It  kills 99.9% germs.

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More Details

Leeford Toilet Seat Sanitizer contains two powerful germ killers with synergistic action to offer you an instant disinfectant that sanitizes the toilet seat, seat rim, cover & other similar things you wish to sanitize, as and when you will spray it. Leeford Toilet Seat Sanitizer is also an instant Sanitizer for public bathroom or any public space you want to use personally which requires cleaning for your hygiene & health such as tabletops, sitting places etc.

Benzalkonium Chloride IP, Ethanol, Solvent & Propellant.
Travel friendly, Easy to use, Protects from infection
Spray from a distance of 10 to 15 cm at a place you want to instantly sanitize, wait for 10 seconds so that the liquid sprayed is evaporated to get disinfected, dry & pleasantly fragrant area. On wet surfaces once you spray liberally; it will sanitize the place but won't make it dry because water was already there.

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