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Meglow Skin Care Combo | Gold Bleach (50g) | Fairness Cream (50g) | Instant Glow Face Wash (70g) | Combo Pack of 3

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  • Meglow Gold Bleach Cream Helps To Lighten The Facial Hair So That They Are Not Visible Much Or At All And Mixes With The Skin Tone Meglow Gold Bleach Cream Makes The Skin Looks Fairer, Smoother & Glowing Meglow Gold Bleach Cream Exfoliates & Removes Impurities Which Makes The Skin Glow Meglow Gold Bleach Cream Helps To Take Off Sun Tanning And Marks Off The Skin.
  • Meglow Premium Fairness Cream Energizes The Facial Skin & Give A Fresh Look By Removing Dull & Dead Skin Cells, Provides Oil Control & Sweat Control Meglow Provides All Round Fairness By Reducing Melanin Content Of Skin, Dark Spots, Providing Even Tone To Skin & Reduces The Impact Of Sun
  • Meglow Premium Fairness Cream Provides Protection Against Sun Damage By Blocking Harmful Rays As Well As By Stimulating Cell Renewal Intensive Brightening System To Reduce: Dull Skin, Dark Spots, Melanin, Fine Lines, Tanning, Pigmentation, Discoloration, Blemishes
  • Meglow Premium Fairness Cream Removes Spots, Smoothens Skin & Imparts Evenness In Complexion.

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Meglow Gold Bleach: Complement & enhance your glow with Meglow Gold Bleach Cream, which does the fine-tuning of your face & facial hair to impart evenness & merging effect so that you are in synergy with your facial beauty elements. Meglow Gold Bleach Cream with radiance-enhancing formula imparts a healthy golden glow to your face that makes you stand apart from the crowd, besides imparting a natural-looking colour to facial hairs. Meglow Gold Bleach Cream comes with two powder activators unlike others, which renders approximately 35 of 25% of the cream useless because of lack of activator powder thus saving you hard-earned money. Meglow Gold Bleach Cream is a safe formula that not only bleaches hair but also cleans repairs and soothes the skin to provide a fairer and radiant look. Meglow Premium Fairness Cream for women energizes the facial skin & give a fresh look by removing dull & dead skin cells, provides oil control & sweat control. It Provides all-around fairness by reducing melanin content of skin, dark spots, providing even tone to skin & reduces the impact of Sun. Provides Protection against sun damage by blocking harmful rays as well as by stimulating cell renewal and Keep you younger by reducing fine lines & wrinkles caused due to sun exposure, pollution & dust. FACE WASH - Meglow Skin Brightening And Luminating Face Wash For Women Cleanses Skin Of Impurities To Awaken A More Fairer And Brighter Glow. This Gentle Face Wash Prevents Dark Spots, Even Skin Tone To Give You Flawless Fairness.

Purified Water, Stearic Acid, Propylene Glycol, Sorbitan Stearate, Cetearyl Alcohol, Vitamin E Acetate, Aloe Vera Extracts, Isoparaffin, Cucumber Extracts etc.
FACE CREAM - Reduces:-Dark spot, Tanning, Soft & Smooth skin, Paraben-free. -- BLEACH - Nourishment & deep cleansing, Skin fairer, smoother & glowing, exfoliates & removes impurities. -- FACE WASH - FACE WASH - Nourishment skin, Soft & smooth skin, Glow & Bright skin
FACE CREAM - Apply optimum qty of cream on your face with circular moment on a cleansed skin. Use twice a day. --- FACE WASH - Dispense optimum quantity of face wash into the hand & apply on face & neck gently massage and wash off. --- BLEACH - Prepare your bleaching cream mixture using the activator and powder. Do not leave it. Apply the bleach all over your face in the direction of hair growth. Do not apply bleach under your eyes at all. Keep it away from nostrils. Apply a slim layer above the lips. Leave it for approximately fifteen minutes. Wash your face afterwards with cold water in case of extreme summers. Otherwise, using normal tap water only. Do not use lukewarm/hot water at all.

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I use this product for more than 3 Months. I can tell its an excellent product. its Recommendable.

Hema k   12 October 2021

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Good Combo Pricing

Kamal Yadav   05 October 2021

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its an excellent product available in Good Price. its Recommendable.

Neeraj Singh   05 October 2021

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Purchased with a Great Discount

Pawan Raghav   04 October 2021

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