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Ortho-Aid Pain Relief Capsules | Combo Pack of 4 (10 Capsules Each)

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About this item

  • Helps in sprains , Joint pain and Muscle pain.
  • Helps in improve joint flexibility.
  • Natural herbs for pain relief.
  • Ayurvedic formula for pain relief.

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Mobility is the key to life but medical conditions, age & injuries doesn't let a person enjoy its normal lifestyle. Arthritis & other related conditions in old age is such a problem that deters life completely and need to take care of urgently. Ortho-Aid Capsules treats sprains, joint pain, back pain & joint flexibility to give you a normal lifestyle. The goodness of Ashwagandha & Magh Pipal along with other natural herbs in Ortho-Aid capsules helps in relieving joint pain and provides a healthy response to overall bone & joint health, pain, swelling & redness.

Sonth Rhizome 100 mg, Aswagandha Root 150mg, Magh Pipal Bark 100 mg, Lahsun Bulb 50 mg, Haldi Rhizome 100mg, Har Singar Leaf 100mg.
Helps relieve joint stiffness, Improves overall bone & joint health, Soothes back pain, body & joint pains, Reduces swelling & pain in joint, Safe & effective, No negative effect on body, Strengthens kidney & heart unlike allopathic pain killers,
Start with one capsule three times a day after meal for 5 to 7 days, review the result if required can then increase the dose with one capsule every three days so as to reach the dosage of two capsules three times a day based on the response. Orho-Aid Capsules can be used for 3 moths to years together. Body may require more than regular amount of water & is totally normal.

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