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Ortho-Aid Pain Relief Combo | Oil (100ml) | Crepe Bandage Long (10cm x 4m) | Combo Pack of 2

Rs. 470   4.5★     

About this item

  • Helps in relief from Joint Pain and muscle pain.
  • Ayurvedic ingredients.
  • Soft and stretchable.
  • Fast Edges.
  • Orthoaid Oil contains 100ml
  • Crepe Bandage is 10cmx4m.

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More Details

OIL - Growing age, fall or a potential injury sometimes leads to chronic joint problem or back spasm or shoulder injury etc. Ortho-Aid Oil comes with the goodness of Gandhapura oil, Arand seed oil, Nirgundi leaf oil, Nilgiri leaf oil and other herbs formulated into a powerful herbal remedy that helps relieve joint pains, muscle pains, backaches, other sprains & spasms effectively to provide long-lasting relief. Ortho-Aid Oil penetrates deep into the skin & soothes affected tissues and muscles to heal & relieve pain. --- CREPE BANDAGE: Leeford Crepe Bandage is elastic, provides good control & uniform smooth pressure and facilitates normal skin breathing. Leeford Crepe Bandage is a lightweight bandage that is normally used to offer heat, insulation and support in many medical situations. It is made up of superior quality pharmacopoeia grade fabric. Leeford Crepe Bandage does not obstruct muscular or joint flexibility & conform easily to all body parts, even in difficult areas.

OIL - Gandhpura, Soya bean oil, Kapur, Tarpeen ka tel, Nilgiri, Lavang, Alsi, Til oil, Pudina. Cotton Crepe Bandage
OIL - Joint pain, Muscle Pain, Ankle pain, Elbow, Foot, Knee, Neck or Shoulder. CREPE BANDAGE - Provides optimum support, Made by premium quality cotton & Rayon yarns to better functioning, S & Z knitting techniques for extensibility, Elasticity and retain ability, Various sizes to suit individual needs and requirements for various use, Re-useable and provides excellent support & compression.
OIL - Apply sufficient quantity 2-3 times a day or as required, As a thin layer, Rub and massage whenever necessary. CREPE BANDAGE - Make sure the person is comfortable & keep the injured part of the body supported, in the position as it will be in, when the bandage is on. Make sure to use the right size bandage; different parts of the body need different widths of bandage. Start working from the side of the injury and do not apply directly at the injury site, work up the limb or injury site by winding the bandage in limb areas such as forearm or calf in spiraling turns, making sure that each new layer covers one-third to two-thirds of the previous one.

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