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Ortho-Aid Pain Relief Combo | Spray (55g) | Oil (100ml) | Combo Pack of 2

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About this item

  • Helps in joint pain, Back pain, neck or shoulder pain.
  • It has Natural ingredients for pain relief.
  • Its helps in Joint Flexibility and helps us in pain relief
  • Apply sufficient quantity two or three times a day or as required. as

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OIL - Growing age, fall or a potential injury sometimes leads to chronic joint problem or back spasm or shoulder injury etc. Ortho-Aid Oil comes with the goodness of Gandhapura oil, Arand seed oil, Nirgundi leaf oil, Nilgiri leaf oil and other herbs formulated into a powerful herbal remedy that helps relieve joint pains, muscle pains, backaches, other sprains & spasms effectively to provide long-lasting relief. Ortho-Aid Oil penetrates deep into the skin & soothes affected tissues and muscles to heal & relieve pain. SPRAY - Pain is a word that most of us hate even to experience in life, but it is unavoidable. When we get hurt it can lead to redness, swelling & pain, we have Ortho-Aid Spray a completely herbal formulation in new Avtar to get rid of all this effectively. Ortho-Aid Spray is made with 100% herbal ingredients in a new formulation, Ortho-Aid Spray helps reduce pain, sprain & strains to provide instant relief & prevent work hour loss or productivity loss. Enriched with Gandhapura oil, Peppermint sattva and other natural herbs, Ortho-Aid Spray helps relieve backache, knee & shoulder pains, swelling & other pain from strains & muscle spasms by presenting a long-lasting relief instantly. Ortho-Aid Spray is fortified with deep penetration technology to deeply penetrate the affected tissues & muscles for faster & better relief. How Ortho-Aid Spray acts on the body: Ortho-Aid Spray’s deep penetration formula reaches the site of injury faster to relieve redness, pain & swelling swiftly and helps heal the damaged tissue faster by increasing microcirculation. Ortho-Aid Spray should not be sprayed on eroded skin. For best result apply after hot water fomentation.

OIL - Gandhpura, Soya bean oil, Kapur, Tarpeen ka tel, Nilgiri,Lavang, Alsi,Til oil, Pudina. ---- SPRAY - Gandhpura oil leaves, Sarala oil heartwood, Alsi oilseed, Nilgiri oil leaves, Dalchini oil.
OIL - Joint pain, Muscle Pain, Ankle pain, Elbow, Foot, Knee, Neck or Shoulder, Joint flexibility, Sprains & Strains
OIL - Apply sufficient quantity 2-3 times a day or as required, As a thin layer, Rub and massage whenever necessary. SPRAY - Shake well before each, Spray the contents at 5 cm distance from the affected area, Spray 3-4 times in a day

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