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Quik Relif Herbal Pain Relief Combo | 2 Balm + 2 Roll-on + 2 Ointment | Combo pack of 6

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About this item

  • Helps in relief from Joint Pain, Back Pain, Neck or shoulder Pain.
  • Helpful in sprains and strains.
  • Helps in joint flexibility.
  • Ayurvedic ingredients 
  • Provides long lasting relief.
  • Enriched with natural herbs like Gandhpura, Lavang,Nilgiri Ka tel.
  • Deep penetration formula for pain relief.

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More Details

Roll on- Quik Relief Roll-On is a multipurpose powerful Roll On that treats pain throughout the body i.e., from head to toe. The powerful Ayurvedic formulation of Quik Relief Roll-On is deep-penetrating, fast-acting, non-meshy & skin-friendly. Quik Relief Roll-On is a potent blend of 6 powerful & fast-acting herbs which include Pudina, Gandhapura, Lavang & Kapur to make it an ideal remedy for pain & nasal congestion. Quik Relief Roll-On is crafted scientifically keeping in mind problems like headache, nasal congestion, musculoskeletal pain & low back pain. Advanced Roller Ball technology of Quik Relief Roll-On is rapid-acting, stain-free, easy to carry & convenient to use. ---- Balm Quik Relief Balm is a unique blend of therapeutic natural herbs and oils that is formulated for alleviating pain, swelling, redness, relieving headache, cold & cough. Soothing and relaxing Quik Relief Balm is also non-staining & deep penetrating. For instant & long-lasting relief, the magical combination of fast-acting priceless herbs of Quik Relief Balm helps in relieving headaches, cold, cough, joint and muscle pain, stiff muscles, arthritis in the hands and joints, backaches caused by overexertion and during pregnancy. Nine powerful natural ingredients of Quik Relief Balm offer fast, warm & comforting relief for joint and muscle pain helps relieve the nasal blockage, headaches and body aches. ---- Ointment- Conceived with the power of Ayurvedic herbs & delivered with modern technology Quik Relief Ointment is an unmatched topical therapy that is highly effective in providing relief from pain, swelling, muscle spasm and soreness. Quik Relief Ointment’s six powerful herbs which include Sarala, Gandhapura & Lavang along with others help relieve joint pain, muscular pain & low back pains effectively and helps heal damaged tissues, hence providing long-lasting relief. The deep penetration formula of Quik Relief Ointment helps treat affected muscles & tissues in a better & faster way.

BALM - Gandhpura, Kapoor, Nilgiri ka tel, Lavang ka tel, Ajowan ka Phool. ---- ROLL ON - Gandhpura oil, Nilgiri oil, Lemongrass oil, Kapur crystal, Lavag oil. --- Ointment- Gandhpura leaves, Kapur leaves, Sarala heartwood, Pudinah aerial part, Lavang flower bud, Nilgiri leaves.
Cold & Cough, Headache, Back pain, Joint pain, Muscular pain.
BALM - Apply sufficient quantity on the painful area, at least 2-3 times a day. Form a thin layer, rub & massage on the affected area. ROLL ON - Just roll 3-5 times in circular motions on the affected area. CREAM - Massage ointment as per the requirement to the affected area until completely absorbed.

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