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Restonite Melatonin Oral Spray For Relaxation & Sleep Optimizer | Combo Pack of 2 ( 15ml Each)

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  • Melatonin has been shown to serve as a mediator between the thermoregulatory and arousal system in humans, such that exogenous administration of melatonin during the day can result in sleepiness in association with reduced core temperature.
  • Melatonin increased sleep efficiency in people with a secondary sleep disorder.
  • Melatonin significantly increased total sleep time in people suffering from sleep restriction.
  • The oral spray is formulated to induce a calming and relaxing effect. All you need to do is spray the contents orally to reap the benefits of this sleep aid.

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Restonite Melatonin Oral Spray is specially formulated to promote calming and restful effects. Primarily composed of melatonin, it is asleep aid designed to readjust one's circadian rhythm or internal clock. The product is designed to work efficiently without side effects such as grogginess. Several studies suggest a relationship between the decline of melatonin function and the symptoms of dementia. Meta-analysis was conducted on data from three randomized, placebo-controlled trials that were designed to evaluate melatonin for managing dementia-related cognitive changes; data also were pooled from two of these trials that evaluated melatonin for managing mood and behavioral disturbances.

Bulking agent [INS 420(I)], Thickener(INS 422), Carrier solvent(INS 1521), Vechile (INS 1520), Melatonin, Acidity regulator [INS 330], Preservative [INS 202], Sweetener [INS 955], Preservative [INS 211], Sequestrant [INS 386], Antioxidants [INS 310&320]
Increased sleep efficiency
Shake well before use.

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