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Winty Green Tea | Aqua Slim & Digestive | Combo Pack of 2 Box (25 Bags Each)

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  • Digestive Tea helps in relieving heartburn, reduces gas & bloating (the feeling of heaviness after meals), helps with indigestion and constipation disorder. This herbal green tea also assists in controlling weight by boosting metabolism. Digestive Tea Bags is the perfect green tea for digestion as well as for aligning body functions for a healthy lifestyle. This green tea helps in removing harmful toxins from the body and promotes a healthy skin.
  • Aqua slim green tea helps to improve your metabolism by increasing your energy expenditure, which speeds up the fat burning process . Aqua slim green tea promotes body detoxification, which opens up blocked channels and Reduces weight.
  • Digestive is unique blend of herbs and spices like chamomile flower, mint leaves, carom and fennel seeds which helps in digestion. Digestive is a natural way to soothe your stomach with the help of Ayurvedic herbs and improve your digestive health.
  • This slimming green tea is created using ingredients like garcinia cambogia that may help in weight loss by improving metabolism of your body and excess fat burning. Time to lose some of those extra calories with our tea master's slim tea blend.

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Winty Green Tea Aqua Slim-Enjoy the tangy yet soothing flavor of Winty Aqua Slim green tea ,a well-proportioned blend of finest green tea with Garcinia Cambogia, Sea buckthorn berries, Sea buckthorn leaves, Hibiscus and nettle leaves. While other signature leaves may help increase metabolic rate and thus help in dipping body fat, still we have gone a further step and added herbs and spices which are known to be rich in antioxidants and digestive aids to create a holistic healthy cup of delight. Winty Green Tea Digestive-Selected ingredients from Ayurveda makes winty digestive green tea a classic. Herbs and spices like chamomile flower, mint leaf, carom and fennel seeds come together in a balanced combination to deliver a cup of perfection that is relaxing on the stomach and high on immunity boosting elements.

Green Tea, Garcinia Cambogia, Hibiscus Flower, Nettle Leaves, Mint Leaves, Chamomile Flower, Carom Seed, Fennel Seed
AQUA SLIM - Detoxifies body, Boosts metabolism, Helps lower stress, Strengthens immunity, Rich source of antioxidants. DIGESTIVE - Relieving heartburn, Reduces gas & bloating, helps with indigestion and constipation disorder.
Take out the desired flavor of Winty Green Tea from the pouch and place it in the cup, pour the boiled water over the tea bag and let it steep for 3 to 5 minutes, add Sugar bite as required sweetness and drink to enjoy a healthy life.

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