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Megaslim Meal Replacement Drink Powder with vanilla Flavour 30g Each(Total 10 sachet)

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  • Helps to control calories by put a stop to overeating during a meal.
  • Megaslim Meal Replacement Powder is easy to take on the go or keep on hand instead of missing a meal.
  • It is a good source of 25 vitamins and minerals in Vanilla flavored.
  • Megaslim Meal Replacement Powder helps satisfy your hunger by helping you feel fuller for a long duration.
  • Megaslim Meal Replacement Powder is ideal light breakfast or a light dinner replacement that is easier on stomach & provides balanced.
  • Its for shake is a good replacement for your junk food which one consumes in between meals put a stop to calories & provide right nutrition.
  • It helps you to gain the right weight without calories.

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Megaslim Meal Replacement Powder for shake is a source of complete, balanced nutrition for supplemental use with or between meals & is enriched with a slimming complex Slimbiome containing Fructo-oligosaccharides, Glucomannan & Chromium Picolinate. Megaslim Meal Replacement Powder helps to reduce calories by preventing overeating during a meal but provides high nutrition & very low calorie. Each serving of 30 g provides only 115 calories but provides a total of 5.7 g of dietary fibers with 9 g of proteins, a mix of Whey protein concentrate, Skimmed milk powder & Soy isolates for better amino acid profile, absorption & assimilation. Megaslim Meal Replacement Powder may benefit patients who have malnutrition, are at nutritional risk, are experiencing involuntary weight loss & on modified diets apart from other regular uses.

Skimmed Milk Powder,Isolated Soya Fat Protein,Minerals,Vitamin
• Low Calories • High Protein • Sugar free • Gluten Free • High dietary fibers • Balanced nutrition • Multipurpose usage • Reduces weight • Supplements Diet
1 serving(30g) in 300ml Skimmed Milk.Take 3 times a day for effective weight management. Upon reconstitution, Stir well and use promptly.

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