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Megagrow Isolate Whey Protein Powder Cookies and Cream Flavor with Shaker - Energy 105.17kcal | 25g Protein, 4.23g BCAA| 34 Servings- Pack of 1 Kg

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About this item

  • High protein content promotes fast recovery after an intense workout session.
  • Digestive enzyme-embedded protein helps build lean muscle along with better absorption of nutrients.
  • Highly potent & rich source of protein that aids in the growth and maintenance of muscle mass.
  • Easy to digest, it helps achieve certain body-building & sturdy physique goals.
  • Boosts muscle recovery & triggers the synthesis of new muscle tissues.
  • Reduces & controls muscle breakdown while supporting lean muscle mass.
  • Improves strength, and stamina & gives ideal energy for an intense workout session.
  • Equally beneficial if consumed pre or post-workout.

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Megagrow Whey Protein Isolate Powder is made using a triple cold filtered process that ensures the natural amino acid profile and other valuable micro-fractions are kept intact. Formulated with over 25 g proteins, and 4.23 g of anabolic Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) with electrolytes per serving, Megagrow Whey Protein Isolate is sugar-free also. Megagrow Whey Protein Isolate is designed to provide a rich source of amino acids for building muscles, supports faster recovery & offers quicker protein absorption.

Whey Protein Isolate, Cocoa Powder, Cookies and Cream Flavor Sodium Chloride, Natural Butter Flavor, Sweetener.
helps build lean muscle mass & is equally important for moderately active individuals & a bodybuilder, enhances muscle & tissue repair & builds muscle mass, improves exercise performance & reduces fatigue, supports weight management i.e. helps loose fats from the body & builds muscles, can be used as a regular protein supplement for growth & development
To prepare one serving, add 1 Headed Scoop 30.5g (approx.) Powder in a shaker and add 200ml water. Shake well before drinking. 

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Customer Reviews

5 ★   Super!

Guys, I Have Never Used Any Whey Protein Before. It Is My First Protein. Since Taste Does Not Matter For Me, So The Taste Is Not An Issue. I Have Noticed A Significant Improvement In My Muscle Recovery, Muscle Development, And Fat Burning Too.

Rajeev Pandey   01 February 2023

4 ★   Must buy!

Very good product. It blends easily. Flavour is also awesome very tasty. I have noticed very nice results in just couple of days.

Sohail Ahmed   23 January 2023

5 ★   Worth every penny

Guys, I Have Never Used Any Whey Protein Before. It Is My First Protein. Since Taste Does Not Matter For Me, So The Taste Is Not An Issue. I Have Noticed A Significant Improvement In My Muscle Recovery, Muscle Development, And Fat Burning Too.

Jeetesh Joshi   20 January 2023

5 ★   Mind-blowing purchase

Fabulous product by MEGAGROW . very good for your muscle gains best of all products . it is original and pure with seal. Got genuine product happy with the results..

Anju K   16 January 2023

4 ★   Best quality protein powder.

Nice flavor and taste. I have tried a large number of brands and this is one of the best. Must for post workout. Replace fatigue catabolic state body with anabolic state. Also consume carbs with good fats after workout to cover energy need

enamul hoque   09 January 2023

5 ★   Worth every penny

GENUINE!! This is a genuine product. I checked it online as well as the feel of the product is good and upto the mark!

Sherin Shahana   06 January 2023

4 ★   Super!

I've been ordering for quite a while now. I thought I'd leave a review about flavors since I find them helpful. To me, the most USEFUL flavors are COOKIES AND CREAM and chocolate. If you have never ordered protein powder these are honestly the two flavors I would recommend. Taste is delicious

Pankaj Thakur   02 January 2023

5 ★   Excellent

One of the finest Protein Powder that dissolves immediately when mixed with normal water and digested fastly and provides a great result when doing a proper workout. I suggest you people to take 1 scoop before and after workout for better results

RATUL Sharma   29 December 2022

5 ★   Awesome

A good gainer at a best price .This is a genuine product.Does what it says...I go to the gym regularly and I actually gained 2 kgs..Great product... tastes is best

Chhanabhai Halpati   28 December 2022

5 ★   amazing product

I am writing this review after using this 1 month... This protein works like miracle... I started feeling the results just in 20 days... I am working out normally... But I got a good shape by using this.... So I recommend this product.... Guys.... Just buy it blindly... There is no problem with this protein....

Thakur Bhagat   23 December 2022

5 ★   Simply awesome

Amazing supplement..

Yogendra Singh Chauhan   19 December 2022

4 ★   Super!

Best product in affordable price

Bibin Koshy   15 December 2022

5 ★   Wonderful

's really Good. Good in taste, pure and reliable.

TEJASHRI SHETE   13 December 2022

4 ★   Awesome

nice product and authentic

Mohammad Ashraf   06 December 2022

5 ★   Perfect product!

it's very a good product

maruti garad   03 December 2022

5 ★   Its an amazing product.

Yes it's a good product I'm using this product from a week

Aditya Vishwakarma   01 December 2022

4 ★   Really Nice

A very good quality and original product by MEGAGROW

VICKY Kumar   25 November 2022

5 ★   Good choice

happy to used this product.. fresher boys plz go for buy ...πŸ’ͺ

Sanjeev Kishor   22 November 2022

5 ★   Does the work properly πŸ”₯

Its too good guys, go for it. if you take this with milk .you will see better result.

Suraj Tamang   19 November 2022

5 ★   Awesome πŸ‘

guys I am reviewing this product after consuming it for 2 month.guys great product result is awesome, easy to digest. don't think go for it if u want to gain only muscle

Manoj Prajapati   18 November 2022

5 ★   Excellent flavour

Good mixibility and taste is also very good

David Bobby   15 November 2022

4 ★   Great Product

very good product and effective . i would say it is the best whey in the market .

ABHISHEK Upadhyay   12 November 2022

5 ★   Genuine product

One of the best proteins I have ever used.. Mixability is best..

Shane Hasan   11 November 2022

5 ★   Excellent

Good product and it's working

Manoj Mahto   10 November 2022

5 ★   It's a very effective product

Awesome product πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ

Avtar SINGH   10 November 2022

5 ★   100% Genuine product

Very effective from the first day

Jaison Sunny   08 November 2022

5 ★   Terrific purchase

My alltime fav brand 😍 its all products which I had used or consumed till now, im fully satisfied by their results πŸ”₯

Sachin Bansal   07 November 2022

5 ★   best flavour

Mind-blowing purchase

Chandan Thakur   05 November 2022

5 ★   Fabulous!

Good one. It is best in the market.

Sunil kumar   04 November 2022

5 ★   Good choice

Good quality product Original product. Must try once

Saravanan M   03 November 2022

5 ★   Amazing producT

Taste is really good

jatinder singh   01 November 2022

5 ★   Good result

Very good product, comes in very good packaging

Alimineti Vennela   29 October 2022

4 ★   awesome product

Great product... used for a week gives me great recovery and energy boost....

Raman Dua   27 October 2022

5 ★   Fabulous!πŸ‘πŸ‘

Good product at this price

Pravendra Kumar   21 October 2022

5 ★   Fabulous!

Very fast result πŸ’ͺ

Rajveer Singh   19 October 2022

5 ★   Great product

Yes it's a good product I'm using this product from a week

Andy Royte   13 October 2022

5 ★   Very nice πŸ‘

The product is effective.

Dhairyashil Ghatge   11 October 2022

4 ★   Perfect product!

Simply awesome

Prachi Singh   10 October 2022

5 ★   Good quality product

Very nice product. Loved it. Product quality just as expected

Deepak Verma   07 October 2022

4 ★   It's an amazing product

good service πŸ™πŸ™ value for money

Dev Raj   04 October 2022

4 ★   best best product…

Its a genuine and a very good product.

Dilip Guwalani   30 September 2022

5 ★   Good choice

Worth the money Good product πŸ‘

SHASHWAT AWASTHI   27 September 2022

4 ★   Genuine product

100% genuine product

Raj Kapoor   24 September 2022

5 ★   Best in the market!

it's awesome and original mix ability is very good

jatin prajapati   20 September 2022

5 ★   Good quality product

Good miscibility, good content of protein content. Helps to build lean muscle, helps to meet sufficient protein requirement. It is absolutely value for money.

Atul Kumar   14 September 2022

5 ★   Good product

1 0 0 % a u t h e n t i c p r o d u c t . . . W i t h g r e a t p r i c e

Anil Tanwar   10 September 2022

5 ★   Good service

Good service and i have bayed original MEGAGROW

Pavan Sai   08 September 2022

5 ★   happy with the product 😍✌

Secured n well sealed packing , 100% Genuine product

Ayush Kaushik   06 September 2022

4 ★   Perfect product!

Product is good. You can try it once.

Vikas Agnihotri   03 September 2022

5 ★   Mind-blowing purchase

Awesome Product with Verified Original Authentic Product from MEGAGROW. COOKIES & CREAM FLAVORED flavour is so good in taste

Micheal Asamoah   01 September 2022

5 ★   Authentic Product

Helps in gaining best for muscle and size gain must try.

Arun Sainwar   26 August 2022

5 ★   Best Authentic product

This is the best protein supplement ever. i can't think of any other brand that works as effectively as MEGAGROW.

Vaibhav Mishra   24 August 2022

5 ★   Very good product in reasonable price .

Mix with milk nd water Esiliye mixed and nice teste

UMESH DIXIT   20 August 2022

4 ★   Great Discounts of 44%

help to inprove perfomance, help to increase strenght

krishna krish   17 August 2022

4 ★   Best in the market!

Good quality πŸ‘

Harpreet Singh   09 August 2022

5 ★   Original product. Best deal. Great discounts.

This moderately priced Isolate is absolutely the best muscle repair with reasonable growth following workouts or extended physical labor. Key component for transforming your physique especially when increasing your calorie burn to get into shape.

Chandan Dey   06 August 2022

5 ★   wonderful product

Nice product. Good in taste.

Shubham Sharma   03 August 2022

5 ★   Getting Good Results.

yes you should buy this feel very pumped in gym

Manish Vaidya   03 August 2022

5 ★   great flavour, very refreshing and indigenous.

I am taking since last 3 months and the results are clearly visible. Thanks for the amazing product

Sukhjinder Singh   29 July 2022

5 ★   Very good service

I just received yesterday this product it is very amazing taste and good products, , very happy to recieve this product

Harshit Kumar   26 July 2022

5 ★   Amazing Results !!

One of my friends suggest me about MegaGrow Whey Isolate powder, I ordered cockies cream flavor. test is awesome and i got good result after using it.

Manish Rathi   22 July 2022

5 ★   very good product

It's a very good product. Delicious and has the best ingredients. It has helped me in quick recovery post workout.

Ajay Singh   18 July 2022

4 ★   ITs an awesome product ...............

Well I have tried lot many products as gaspari, san, MVP and many more but when it comes to MegaGrow, I am seriously impressed by the results. Taste should not be counted for these products but it tastes great. I have achieves my target

kaushal kurrey   09 July 2022



ganesh Kumar   05 July 2022

5 ★   Super drink nice

Megagrow Whey Protein Isolate Powder is made using a triple cold filtered process that ensures the natural amino acid profile and other valuable micro-fractions are kept intact.

Vashu Hansaliya   26 May 2022


Doesn't have the most potent flavor but it still tastes palatable

Prerana Bhatia   13 May 2022

5 ★   It mixes well with water & milk also.

Great taste, completely dissolves within a few shakes, and doesn’t thicken (which I love).

Aabida chudhary   11 May 2022

5 ★   Fantastic

Great absorption and performance. Your can see results in a few months time with regular weight lifting

Sumit Awasthi   10 May 2022

4 ★   Effective Product

Guys, I have never used any whey protein before. It is my first protein. Since taste does not matter for me, so the taste is not an issue. I have noticed a significant improvement in my muscle recovery, muscle development, and fat burning too.

Akash Gupta   06 May 2022

4 ★   Worth the money

Genuine product!!

Sundar Das   02 May 2022

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Will it give optimum energy for an intense workout session?

         Answer- Yes, it will give optimum energy for an intense workout session.

Q2. Will it help to build lean muscle mass?

         Answer- Yes, of course, it will help to build lean muscle mass.

Q3. Does it help to decrease body fat?

         Answer- Yes, it helps to decrease body fat.

Q4. Does it contain fine-quality ingredients?

         Answer- Yes, it contains fine quality ingredients.

Q5. Will it help in the maintenance and growth of the muscles?

         Answer- Yes, it will help in the maintenance and growth of the muscles.

Q6. Is it easy to digest?

         Answer- Yes, it is easy to digest.

Q7. Is there any harmful chemical in this product?

         Answer- No, there is no harmful chemical in this product.

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