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Megagrow Isolate Whey Protein Powder Vanilla Flavored with Shaker | Energy 112.55 kcal | 25.32 g Protein, 6g BCAA - 32 Servings, Pack of 1 Kg

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About this item

  • High protein content promotes fast recovery after an intense workout session.
  • Digestive enzyme embedded protein helps build lean muscle along with better absorption of nutrients.
  • Highly potent & rich source of protein that aids in the growth and maintenance of muscle mass.
  • Easy to digest, it helps achieve certain body-building & sturdy physique goals.
  • Boosts muscle recovery & triggers the synthesis of new muscle tissues.
  • Reduces & controls muscle breakdown while supporting lean muscle mass.
  • Improves strength, and stamina & gives ideal energy for an intense workout session.
  • Equally beneficial if consumed pre or post-workout.

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Megagrow Whey Protein Isolate Powder is made using a triple cold filtered process that ensures the natural amino acid profile and other valuable micro-fractions are kept intact. Formulated with over 25.32g proteins, 5 g of anabolic Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) with electrolytes per serving, Megagrow Whey Protein Isolate is sugar-free also. Megagrow Whey Protein Isolate is designed to provide a rich source of amino acids for building muscles, supports faster recovery & offers quicker protein absorption.

Whey Protein Isolate, Vanilla Flavor, Sodium Chloride, Natural Butter Flavor, Sweetener.
helps build lean muscle mass & is equally important for moderately active individuals & a bodybuilder, enhances muscle & tissue repair & builds muscle mass, improves exercise performance & reduces fatigue, supports weight management i.e. helps loose fats from the body & builds muscles, can be used as a regular protein supplement for growth & development
To prepare one serving, add 1 Headed Scoop 30.5g (approx.) Powder in a shaker and add 200ml water. Shake well before drinking. 

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Customer Reviews

5 ★   Wonderful

Boosts muscle recovery & triggers the synthesis of new muscle tissues. Reduces & controls muscle breakdown while supporting lean muscle mass. Improves strength, and stamina & gives ideal energy for an intense workout session.

Imdad Khan   03 February 2023

4 ★   Must buy!

Great Mixability with great flavour.If you are looking for some new then you can buy it.

Daksh Jaggi   23 January 2023

5 ★   Terrific purchase

GENUINE!! This is a genuine product. I checked it online as well as the feel of the product is good and upto the mark! Best protein if you are looking for body fat reduce and proper muscle gain.

Vicky Sr   16 January 2023

4 ★   Budget friendly

'm writing this review after 1week use . πŸ‘‰It was delivered within 4 days of my order πŸ‘‰The package and box was satisfactory. very nice and genuine product....

Gagandeep Kaur   09 January 2023

5 ★   Terrific

Mixes well with water and gives a lot of stamina/energy post workout. Definitely would recommend to all my gym buddies.

SUBRAMANYA CS   06 January 2023

4 ★   Great product just goo for it

It's a genuine product . I'm a beginner to to the gym . It's been 6 months since I have joined the gym . I have used it twice on the day it got delivered as the taste is just awesome

Samir Kumbhakar   02 January 2023

5 ★  

Premium brand and quality. Mixability top notch, taste delicious, self life very good, coupons and offers very effective and exclusive, complementary items very good. Over all experience excellent

NAVNEET SINGH   29 December 2022

5 ★   Good solubility And effective

Fast delivery and nicely packed item. Authentic product delivered. You can also check for that by logging onto the official website and enter the details . Taste is good.

Rakesh Kumar   23 December 2022

5 ★   Must buy!

Very good product, comes in very good packaging

Mohd Aarif   19 December 2022

4 ★   Genuine product

One of the best proteins I have ever used.. Mixability is best..

Aelan Raj   13 December 2022

5 ★   Good Product

Very nyc product it's very helpful for my muscles

Ratan Paul   09 December 2022

4 ★   Delightful

Fell energetic after post workout Taste is superb

Varsha Soni   08 December 2022

4 ★   Simply awesome

good flavour 😊

chandana Yalaka   03 December 2022

5 ★   Best in the market!

100% genuine product thank you leefordOnline

Debjit Chatterjee   01 December 2022

4 ★   Very nice

One of the best proteins I have ever used.. Mixability is best..

sanjay borkar   25 November 2022

5 ★   Its genuine brand with all qualities

My alltime fav brand 😍 its all products which I had used or consumed till now, im fully satisfied by their results πŸ”₯

Jawhar Javaid   22 November 2022

5 ★   I'm very happy to buy this product

Original product and mixiblity very nice

Shyam Sundar   19 November 2022

5 ★   Got original product

Great product... used for a week gives me great recovery and energy boost....

Sachin Kumar   18 November 2022

5 ★   Fabulous!

They Protein has great taste πŸ˜‹ and body results too good best protein in budget

Lucky Soni   15 November 2022

4 ★   Perfect product!

This is a genuine product

Barath Kumar   12 November 2022

5 ★   Very nice product and good mixiblity.

I bought it two times and Honestly speaking i hav done all the checking about its originality and it is 100% original product

Thakkar Devyang   11 November 2022

5 ★   Awesome πŸ‘πŸ‘

Affordable price ,quality and effective in few days...

Shakti Singh Rajput   10 November 2022

5 ★   It's a great product with affordable price

Good quality and best performance

Golu Singh   08 November 2022

5 ★   Good quality product

Effect it's good you feel your muscle part is pumpπŸ’ͺ

Akash Lukhad   07 November 2022

5 ★   Best everπŸ’ͺ🏻

Awesome Product

M Harish   05 November 2022

5 ★   Great product

Its too good guys, go for it.if you take this with milk .you will see bettr result.

Uttam Kumar   04 November 2022

5 ★   The best ever product.i used.

Good product I am happy MEGAGROW protein powder has a very good mixibility good good flavour 😊

Dabish Rehan   03 November 2022

5 ★   Good taste

It was my second time buying this product

Vivek Chauhan   01 November 2022

5 ★   genuine product at such an amazing price

its taste quality mixability and energizes throughout my workout .

Dinesh Kumar   29 October 2022

4 ★   Perfect product!

Awesome and authentic product

Anup prasad   27 October 2022

5 ★   Best products

Good's good working..

Yogesh Singh   21 October 2022

5 ★   Terrific purchase

Very nice product I'm fully satisfied

Prashant Bhatiya   19 October 2022

5 ★   Very good product & worth for value.

Got the genuine product

Sahil Ogale   13 October 2022

4 ★   Classy product

Best quality πŸ‘Œ

Vinay Kumar   11 October 2022

5 ★   Good taste. Awesome product.

This is a good product at an affordable price. The mixability is good.

SHAHIDSHA DIWAN   07 October 2022

4 ★   Perfect product!

It's was really nice really effective

Jafee Ebraham   04 October 2022

4 ★   Very good 100%reuslt

Very very nice product thank you

Amjad Khan   30 September 2022

5 ★   Good Results πŸ‘

Best one with good impact

Aarti Jaiswar   27 September 2022

4 ★   Good product. Satisfied

Yes it's a good product I'm using this product from a week

Prasoon Sinha   24 September 2022

5 ★   good results πŸ‘

Use it regularly it will give u good results.dont listen to anyone go for it.Mixibility is the best..

Sumanth Sumanth   20 September 2022

5 ★   Wonderful

Nice product Nice result

Paulami Das   14 September 2022

5 ★   amazing product

I have got amazing results from this product.

Sheikh Anwaar   10 September 2022

5 ★   Satisfactory

Mixability is good . Whey better Muscle recovery than other Isolates available in the market .

Rajan Brar   08 September 2022

5 ★   One of the best proteins

My personal Experience with on whey isolate protein Pros 1.Fell energetic after post workout 2.Taste is superb 3.Mix well with Water or milk (luke warm/cold)

Aaron Parker   06 September 2022

5 ★   Fabulous!

Packaging is good ...... authentication is on point hard and will wait for results...

Sam Khan   03 September 2022

4 ★   #genuine_product #indian_brand

Before purchasing it , i had a lot of queries going inside in my mind whether it is genuine or not, whether it may cause pimples or not because i have came out of my pimples recently But trust me it doesn't lead me any kind of problem to me,i usually do exercises at my home so i have bought this 1Kg of protein.

AKSHAYA G KRISHNA   01 September 2022

5 ★   It's worth it.

Value for money, and genuine product.

Ranjit singh   26 August 2022

5 ★   Good service, value for money

Reason behind for giving 5 star because I found the product is genuine after verifying with my previous product. Regarding the taste is Excellent if we take it as mentioned in the instructions part. The product packed in a very good way.

Vishal Sharma   24 August 2022

5 ★   Great product

s worth for me good mixability good taste good quality and affordable price

Amrita Kakoti   20 August 2022

5 ★   Finally found the best whey isolate!

Lovely flavouring and great for my goals

BEEBA BOYS   17 August 2022

4 ★   Excellent πŸ‘

Brand speaks, great product

SARBJIT SINGH   09 August 2022

5 ★   Very useful product...

I love the packaging, tightly sealed. Talking about the colour and taste, it was amazing

Vashu Bansal   06 August 2022

5 ★   value for money

excellent & super .value for money... results ultimate.... genuine and original

Udai Jain   03 August 2022

5 ★   Best protein. Less in cost, great effect

Product is effective. Results after a month of use is quite good.

deepak chauhan   29 July 2022

5 ★   Great product

Awesome product from... Please dont discontinue this product as this is the only product in market from a verified source which doesnot contain fillers and artificial sweeteners. Thanks again for this product.

Ranit Choudhury   26 July 2022

5 ★   Best product with reasonable price

Nice product... This flavor has amazing taste. For morning breakfast mix it with half tsp coffee and enjoy the taste.

Jayanti Agupatro   22 July 2022

4 ★   Good prodact

It's a very good product. Delicious and has the best ingredients.

Sudhir Jain   18 July 2022

5 ★   Best Whey Protein @ affordable Price

The supplement has really helped me a lot by boosting my energy and strength. The best thing is that it is damn tasty.

Sarvesh Kumar   09 July 2022

5 ★   This flavor has amazing taste

Best Protein And Athletics Product Best Quality. I Love This.

Prakash Malik   05 July 2022

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Will it give optimum energy for an intense workout session?

       Answer- Yes, it will give optimum energy for an intense workout session.

Q2. Will it help to build lean muscle mass?

       Answer- Yes, of course, it will help to build lean muscle mass.

Q3. Does it help to decrease body fat?

       Answer- Yes, it helps to decrease body fat.

Q4. Does it contain fine-quality ingredients?

       Answer- Yes, it contains fine quality ingredients.

Q5. Will it help in the maintenance and growth of the muscles?

       Answer- Yes, it will help in the maintenance and growth of the muscles.

Q6. Is it easy to digest?

       Answer- Yes, it is easy to digest.

Q7. Is there any harmful chemical in this product?

       Answer- No, there is no harmful chemical in this product.

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