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Corn Caps
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Leeford Cornex Corn Cap | 1Box (40Strips) MRP. 400 320 ₹ 10/Strips 4.6★

Corns can be painful and hurting. The agonizing pain they cause can go on for days and if not treated well – it can take months to heal. Treat them before it is too late with the best corn caps from Leeford.

Mostly caused by poorly fitted footwear putting extra pressure on a particular area of the foot, corns are immensely painful. They can be hard corns or soft corns formed either on the top or sides of the foot. But whatever variant they may appear in, Leeford has the best corn caps online to save your day. Enriched with a measured dose of Salicylic acid paste, these corn caps loosen the skin to remove the corns in the most painless way.

Designed to hold a proper grip over the corn, this corn cap effectively eliminates dead, dull, and callused skin. Providing 100% safe products which are clinically tried and tested, Leeford swears by its results. This skin-friendly, non-irritating corn cap has been proved to provide fast relief. So, do your feet a favour and order the best corn caps in India online.