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Funtime Fem Capsules for Women - 10 Capsules | Pack of 3 MRP. 300 240 ₹ 10/capsule 4.5★
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Funtime Fem Capsules for Women - 10 MRP. 100 80 ₹ 10/capsule 4.5★

Stress, anxiety, age - everything can have an impact on sexual health of women. They go through mensuration to menopause which takes a toll on their well-being. Leeford has the perfect solution to keep a check on women’s health otherwise and sexually.

Funtime Fem Capsules are specifically made to relieve any stress and hormonal imbalance. The women sexual stamina capsules are also efficient in eliminating any pain and fatigue experienced during intercourse. The goodness of Ashwagandha is proven to reduce stress and mood swings. Also, Shatavari & Gokhru are present in these capsules which are needed to regulate Estrogen and blood circulation to vagina. This makes them the natural ayurvedic sexual supplements suitable for all.

Fighting the challenges brought by any disease, life-style changes or aging, Funtime Fem Capsule is the ultimate women energy booster. Not only this, it is also effective in lowering any issues related to menopause. Available online on Leeford’s website, these make for your essential purchase for a healthier and happier sex life.