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Menses Regulator
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Mensoguard Syrup Healthy Benefits | Combo Pack of 2 (200ml Each) MRP. 300 240 ₹ 0.75/ml 4.6★
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Mensoguard Syrup 200ml MRP. 150 120 ₹ 0.75/ml 4.6★

Irregular periods - the problem which scares out each and every women out there. Chances are 4 out of 10 women deal with the problem of irregular periods and the difficulties it brings along.

This calls for a timely treatment to fight these irregularities before they become serious and cause further damage while conceiving and during pregnancy. Leeford’s Mensoguard Ayurvedic Syrup is formed with the goodness of 25 herbs. These herbs help in maintaining healthy glands that foster the production of hormones in the body needed during ovulation. Thus, it promotes healthier vaginal health. This ayurvedic syrup for periods keeps a check on the irregularity and promotes a regular menstrual cycle. Also, it treats period cramps and prevents formulation of blood-clots and re-clogging. Effective in treating PCOS and hormonal imbalance, this safe formula detoxifies and cleanses the reproductive system. This ayurvedic medicine for regulating periods can be easily bought online with Leeford. Loose no time and consider having a pain free and regular menstrual cycle with Leeford.