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Pilogo Capsule For Relieving From Piles | Combo Pack of 3 (10 Capsules Each)

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·         Pilogo capsules are effective & safe Ayurvedic formulation for the prevention & treatment of piles.   

·         These capsules are equally effective in both types of piles, fissure & anus itching or irritation.     

·         It tones intestinal health to treat & avoid problem for a longer duration.   

·         It shrinks piles and stops bleeding.    

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Piles are finger-like projection in the anal canal that develops because of chronic constipation due to our dietary habits, lifestyle & certain diseases. Pilogo Capsules contains time tested & safe herbs that help in prevention & treatment to provide long term relief from this recurrent problem. Pilogo Capsules is effective in both types i.e., bleeding & non-bleeding piles.

Choti Harad Fruits Powder, Haldi Rahizome, Kutki root, Arand Oil Seed
Relieves constipation, softens stool, relieves swelling, redness & pain, stops bleeding, improves circulation & tones intestinal health to exert its effect.
Take two capsules of Pilogo two to three times a day for 3 months at least or till there is desired relief. Then use one capsule two to three times a day for prevention & can be taken for years together. Pilogo capsules should be taken 15 minutes before meals.

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