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Leeford Microporous Surgical Tape (12 Rolls) Hypoallergenic Paper Tape for all Purpose

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About this item

  • It has more hypoallergenic than conventional paper and cloth adhesive surgical tapes.
  • This tape is thin and flexible and has good adhesion.
  • Comfortable and highly breathable.
  • Can be easily used on any part of the body.
  • Leaves no sticky residue on the skin and can be removed easily.
  • Resistant to water and vapour.

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Microporous surgical tape, backed by a thin highly permeable non-woven paper with uniformly coated hypoallergic adhesive.

Hypoallergenic Microporous Paper Tape
Resistant to water and vapour, Thin and Flexible, Easy to use.

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Customer Reviews

5 ★   "It is good product"

"I am very satisfied with the product and price"

PRACHI TANDON   24 June 2022

5 ★   Value-for-money

It has more hypoallergenic than conventional paper and cloth adhesive surgical tapes.

Rakesh Kumar   26 May 2022


Q1. Is it skin-friendly?

       Answer- Yes, it is skin-friendly.

Q2. Can it be removed easily without leaving marks on the skin?

       Answer- It is made from such a nice fabric that when you remove the tape from infected skin it leaves no marks on the skin.

Q3. Does it help to resist water?

       Answer- Yes, definitely it helps to resist water and is made from breathable fabric to keep your skin moistureless.

Q4. Is it hypoallergenic?

       Answer- Yes, it is hypoallergenic.

Q5. Is it comfortable for long-term use?

       Answer- Yes, it is comfortable for long-term use.

Q6. Can we use this surgical tap on any skin?

       Answer- Yes, we can use this surgical tap on any skin.

Q7. Does it contain anti-microbial properties?

       Answer- Yes, it contains anti-microbial properties.

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